One of the largest nature reserves in Europe, the Stelvio National Park extends from the Ortler Cevedale Mountains in South Tyrol to the Italian-speaking provinces of Trentino and Lombardy. To the northwest it borders on the National Park in Switzerland and on the Parco dell'Adamello to the south. The entry is free and the national park is accessible around the clock. 

A variety of indigenous plants and animal species inhabit the Stelvio National Park, extending across more than 1,307 km², of which just over 530 km² are in South Tyrol. In the pristine mountain valleys at 600 m, the meadows and forests on the lower reaches of the mountains give way to a stark and rocky terrain which rises up to 3,900 m, punctuated only by the warm rays of the sun and the whistles of the marmots. From above the tree line, climbers marvels at the grand spectacle and a sense of tranquillity.